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In celebration of the new android system Kit Kat, here are some special Kit Kats I got from Japan!Can you name all the different Kit Kat flavours?

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Pecan Tart

I love the holidays, what I love the most about the holiday is the food!
I decided to take a crack at making Pecan tarts with Kevin’s Mom. Here is the original recipe. http://allrecipes.com/recipe/tiny-pecan-tarts/

We did modified it, we use less butter and brown sugar. We reduce the butter in the crust to half a cup and three cups of brown sugar to one cup. I really like how it turned out. It was not overly sweet and the tart shell was perfect, not greasy at all!

The best part about baking is the smell of fresh baked goods.

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Sweet Olenka’s

2790 Lakeshore Blvd. West
Toronto, On


Craving for something sweet? Try this place! After a warm dinner, Erin and I were craving for something sweet. We didn’t know where to go and I didn’t want to go to a chain store. So I just google map ( ice cream) and this place showed up. So we decided to go. When we got there, we found so many thing we wanted to try. They have truffles, ice cream and hot drinks. We both order hot drinks and pick up some truffles. I tried the balsamic vinegar truffle and Erin got the maple pecan truffle. It was heavenly. They would put the chocolate ant truffle through molds, so they were very beautiful. It was kind of cold, so I skipped out on the ice cream. They have ice cream bars and a good selection of ice cream. 🙂 I will be back in the summer to try it out!

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Momofuku – Noodle Bar

190 University Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
m5h 0a3

Justina, Micko and I went to try momofuku noodle bar. Justina and Micko got there early to get a spot (Thanks Guys!) and it took them around forty minutes before we got a seat! We got the buns with hoisin, scallion, cucumber Pork, momofuku ramen – pork belly & shoulder, fish cake, egg and chilled spicy noodles – sichuan sausage, spinach, cashews. Something on the beverage menu caught our eyes, it was the slushies (seven spice sour – sake, togarashi, yuzu, lime) and we got the small to share. The bun was sweeter but I wish they pork was more tender and juicier. I like the momofuku ramen, the noodle was good but the soup wasn’t too flavourful as I hope. The chilled spicy noodles was good, love the meat but it got a little too spicy for me. It was kind of expensive for what we had but it was a good experience. I like the communal sharing seating idea. It was nice to see what other people are having. LOL 🙂

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Banh Mi Boys

392 Queen St West Toronto, Ontario M5V 2A9

Erin and I venture to Banh Mi Boys on Queen Street. We got Braised Beef Cheek Banh Mi, Five Spice Pork Belly Steamed Bao and Sweet potatoes fries. I really like the Sweet potatoes, it has a good punch to it and isn’t made like other restaurants. The Pork Belly was juicy and the meat just melts in your mouth. I wish the bao was alot more moist. Erin’s braised beef cheek banh mi was good! It was super filling and full of flavor!

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espressamente illy

1 Yorkdale Rd
2nd floor in the food court
Yorkdale Shopping Centre
Toronto (ON)

I wanted a small treat after dinner and here is what I got. A lavender mint latte and share a illy tiramisu. So what is unique about this tiramisu is that you pour a shot of espresso on it before you eat. I love the bitter and sweet contrast. But if you didn’t pour it uneven because when I get the heavy dose of coffee, it is not as pleasant. I still enjoy this cafe and atmosphere.

illy from Candy Lee on Vimeo.

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